Religious attitudes toward Corona

Dr. Mike Ghouse   April 16, 2020   Comments Off on Religious attitudes toward Corona

A majority of people in each religious group tend to be moderates and follow the safety guidelines during the Corona crisis. However, there is a tiny percent among all religious groups, who defy the lockdowns during Corona.

The irony is the same religion is used for both groups to justify their stand. During the border crisis, the entire Christian community was against the treatment of caging and evicting the parents and children while the extremes among Evangelicals (yes only the extremes, as I have many Evangelical Pastor friends who are with the majority of Americans) was on the wrong side.

The case is the same with Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and others with no exception. While the Sikhs, Bahais, Zoroastrians have no such split at this time as they are smaller groups. If they get big, they will split like an amoeba, a natural order.

This is an open link, and we will add more stories about how religions are acting towards Corona.

How Are Major Religions Responding to the Coronavirus?
Many of the world’s faithful have altered long-standing religious practices to avoid spreading the new coronavirus.

Israel Shuts Palestinian Coronavirus Testing 

Unbelievable – It is not the Jews or Judaism, it is the misguided men like Netanyahu and their likes that do this sort of thing.