American Pluralist Award


It is our duty to honor and cherish individuals who have gone out of their way to serve others. Over period of the last 15 years, we have recognized about 50 individuals and a few organizations will complete the list as soon as we can.


  1. Jewish Community
  2. Sikh Community
  3. Muslim Community
  4. Hindu Community
  5. Martin Luther King

The names will be written randomly and when possible, we will add the video link and a picture.  It is a big project and we will complete little by little.

  1. Andrea Barron
  2. Charles Stevenson
  3. Robert J. Marro
  4. Cristina Frey
  5. Rev. Sue Taylor
  6. Jeff Weiss
  7. Bob Ray Sanders

  8. Bill & Norma Mathews

  9. Len Ellis

  10. Julie Ann Turner

  11. MaryAnn Thompson-Frenk

  12. Pastor Bob Roberts, Jr.

  13. Imam Zia Shaikh

  14. Bishop Mark Hernadez

  15. Pastor George Mason

  16. Rev. Petra Weldes
  17. Chaplain Madan Goyal

  18. Elliot Edlin

  19. Dr. Harbans Lal

  20. Imam Yasin Shaikh

  21. Dr. Basheer Ahmed

  22. Steve Blow

  23. Bill McKenzie

  24. Alexis Hernandez

  25. Rev. Karen Hollie

  26. Raja Zahid Khanzada

  27. Pluralists