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The Quran’s Message is Essentially That of Peace and Tolerance

At no point, the Quran’s basic texts sanction aggression, terrorism, and murder. Rather it unequivocally denounces any acts of mischief, violence, or terrorism. The Quran declares, “Fight in the way… Read more »

Savithri Vaithi, founder of Vishranthi Old Age Home, no more

This article was first Published on January 13, 2019 at – : Ms. Vaithi, 90, had suffered a cardiac arrest early on Saturday morning, a member of her family said… Read more »

Truthfulness V. Taqiya – Islamic Value 4 in the book American Muslim Agenda

This article was first Published on OCTOBER 6, 2020 at – : History will not forgive Indian American lawmakers who are enabling Hindutva fascism in the U.S. and in… Read more »