We are committed to building secure societies

Dr. Mike Ghouse   January 16, 2023   Comments Off on We are committed to building secure societies

Ultimately, you, me, our families, and friends want to live securely in a less biased society. Of course, we want our children and our great-grandchildren not to lose out on jobs or opportunities for their belonging to any faith, race, ethnicity, or culture. Most certainly, we want to retire with the least or no apprehensions. 

Our work at the Center for Pluralism is achieving conflict mitigation and goodwill nurturance among fellow humans based on a verse from the Quran 49:13. Thank God for the success we have accomplished.

Our flagship programs Unity Day, Festival of Faiths, Thanksgiving, Holocaust and Genocides, and workshops on religions and cultures have opened the hearts and minds of over 27000 people in 27 years from every religion, race, ethnicity, and culture. (Annual Events tab at www.CenterforPluralism.com )

Additionally, over 12,000 people through 223 interfaith weddings have walked out with goodwill for the religions of each other. It has resulted in less bias for the faiths of fellow humans. Fifteen minutes before officiating the interfaith marriage ceremonies to an attentive audience, I conduct mini-workshops on pluralism with two fundamental questions, what is my loss if they worship, eat and wear differently, and what is the essence of what they do? 

 Pluralism is respecting the otherness of the other in religion, culture, society, politics, and the workplace. Life must be enjoyed and not scheming and fighting each other. You are who you are, and I am who I am; let’s accept our uniqueness and learn to work and live together in harmony and peace.

Our work will create societies for us and our progeny. It’s non-stop work, and we plan on continuing it. Next year, we are looking to hire an intern to expand our work at the Center for Pluralism, we hope to reach out to the Senators and Congressmen and open their hearts and minds toward fellow beings, and we need your support. 

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