Corona and God

Dr. Mike Ghouse   March 24, 2020   Comments Off on Corona and God

We wish (pray) no more individuals get affected by Corona Virus, and hope the respective governments and private organizations and leaders take steps to contain it. I was at the CPAC meeting 15 days ago, where Ted Cruz and another individual got the virus. So far, I am safe, and I will get checked the first time the test is available. The President, VP, and over 5000 people had attended the event.

The Orthodox Clergymen and women in all faiths are gloating that “their” God is punishing humanity with Corona Virus, as an act of revenge for Gay prides Parades. The Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and other priests have said similar things about Tsunami, Katrina, and other disasters. God is not vindictive; he did not slap Adam for disobeying; God honors free will.

Please note, God is not the enemy of his creation as these men and women make him out to be. God has built-in mercy and goodness and has created everything to run its course. If we mess it up, it is our responsibility to fix it.

Think it over; God does nothing, absolutely nothing. God has created the world in perfect harmony and has given us the free will to preserve and maintain it. Restore peace whenever it goes off balance. However, those who believe that God is there to protect them, I respect them, when belief in God is the only hope to keep us alive, let it work. In reality, God does nothing. It is up to us to change the situation for better, and we employ the God-given intelligence to do that.

Here is a Rabbi –

If you get a chance, share the links of what other clergymen are saying.

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