Thank You, MR. President

Dr. Mike Ghouse   April 28, 2021   Comments Off on Thank You, MR. President

What makes America great is defending Americans from external and internal (diseases) enemies, saving their lives, and giving them hope.

Mr. President, you took charge of the ship’s helm and boldly declared 100 Million shots in 100 days, and everyone jumped in with you, and together as a nation, we did it twice as much; that is leadership. We are a lot safer today than 100 days ago.

Americans are grateful to you for the $1400 check. It helped every American, and they spent the money to keep the economy working and sustaining current jobs. We thank you, and the nation expresses its gratitude.

Now, boldly go after the infrastructure; America is with you. Mr. President, follow President Reagan’s path, ask the Americans to call their Senators and Congressmen to listen to their constituents.

70% of Americans approve of your leadership. We need at least 70% of Senators and Congressmen to start representing their constituents, put them on the right path, and have them listen to their voters for the common good of Americans.

As an Indian American, I am devastated by what is happening in India. I appreciate you for taking it up and sending oxygen and the raw material to produce the vaccines – you will be saving millions of lives. God bless you.

We live in the greatest nation on the earth. Thank you.

God Bless America
Mike Ghouse