Successful houseful Ghazal Program in Washington DC

Dr. Mike Ghouse   August 14, 2019   Comments Off on Successful houseful Ghazal Program in Washington DC

Thank you for joining us at Ghazal ki Ek Surmayee sham with Rekha Surya. I hope you enjoyed the refreshing genre of light classical music, as I heard from a few of you, it was a soothing, relaxing and a meditational experience. It was a delight to see every one of you enjoying the music thoroughly.

One of the purposes of organizing this event was to bring our communities together.  We are pleased with the presence of such a diverse audience, I was thrilled to see Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil speakers as well besides the Punjabi, Hindi, Hindi, Urdu and other speakers. I did not get a chance to meet all of you but thank you for being there.

The welcome by Keerthi Swamy, Sardar Singh, Dr. Suresh Gupta, and Dr. Rahat and Dr. Masood Khan was what the program was all about, together we can find peace and cultivate harmony amongst us. Thanks to everyone for enthusiastically participating in the pluralistic religious greetings from different faiths.

Dr. Abdullah’s introduction of Rekha was classic! I want to hear it again, some of the similes used were very imaginative and thoughtful.  if anyone has videotaped that portion, I would like to see it.

The house was full, and it was good to see a few people chose to sit on the floor, and a few stood on the sides, we had 164 RSVP’s at Eventbrite, but many of you came without RSVPing as well. Welcome, all!

We appreciate the NCAIA (National council of Asian Indian Americans) and the AAA (Aligarh Alumni Association) for lending their full support and sponsorships. We hope to continue to work with these two organizations.  I hope we will “joth say jot jalate chalo, prem ki ganga bahate chalo”.

Thanks to our sponsors Shahid & Shaheen Hashmi, and Dr. Rahat and Dr. Masood Khan, and Aligarh Alumni Association.  Without their sponsorships, the program would not have been possible to make it ticket free. More than that, they helped the Center for Pluralism to focus on the program and inviting friends, rather than worrying about meeting the costs.  Once again, thank you.

We are a non-profit organization, and your kind donations paid most of our bills. We hope you would take a look at what we have accomplished at the center for pluralism, and if that is your vision as well, you can sponsor any one of our programs.

Janmashtami is coming up, and if you can sponsor a gathering of interfaith leaders, I would like to organize the event. A few speakers from different faiths, including Hindus and Muslims, will share the wisdom of Lord Krishna in making the world a better place for all humanity. Of course, a few bhajans on Nand Lal Gopal as well. We do this for all religious figures. As we learn the wisdom of each religious master, we will start appreciating each other’s faiths and find comfort in knowing that everyone has made an effort to build secure societies.

Our programs are designed to bring people together to open their hearts and minds towards each other. We are committed to shaping our future in building a cohesive America, where each one of the 323 Million of us feels secure about our ethnicity, culture, race, and religion.

Here is one of the many articles written on Janamashtami.

What have we accomplished?

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