Christian and Muslim Persecution

Dr. Mike Ghouse   July 11, 2019   Comments Off on Christian and Muslim Persecution

Christian and Muslim Persecution

Open to Public, RSVP Required
Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am
Friday, July 19, 2019

Speakers bio (listed below)

  • Dr. Peter McLewin
  • Matias Perttula
  • Harmeet Kamboj
  • Ajit Sahi
  • Mike Ghouse

Persecution of Christians and Muslims 1 of 5

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Persecution of Christians and Muslims 5 of 5

Location:  100 Maryland Ave, NE, conference Room 3, Washington DC 20002

Organization: Center for Pluralism

NOTE: The Center for Pluralism stands for every community from Atheists to Zoroastrians and we have a solid record of that, this particular program is about Christian and Muslim Persecution. This is a side event in conjunction with the Department of State. Two months ago, when the state department announced the ministerial program, everyone was doing programs from Atheists to Zoroastrians, what was missing was Christians and Muslims, we chose to do what others were not doing.

Preview: Christian and Muslim minorities are persecuted everywhere in the world by fellow countrymen. How can we mitigate these phobias and let Christians and Muslims live freely and practice their faith fearlessly?

The presentation is about phobias in general, including Islamophobia and Christian Phobia in particular. Christian and Muslim minorities are persecuted everywhere in the world by fellow countrymen.

What is the solution? How can we mitigate these phobias and let Christians and Muslims live freely and practice their faith without fear?


Dr. McLewin has visited over 65 countries training pastors in underground churches who face intense persecution.  He is passionate about teaching leaders to walk in the power and authority that Jesus modeled.  He has counseled with many who have served prison sentences for their faith. He has been arrested and deported twice. 

Dr. McLewin was born to missionary parents working in South Africa.  He grew up under the curse of apartheid thinking.  As a young boy he travelled by steam engine many times through the train station in Pietermaritzburg where Mahatma Gandhi was rudely thrown off the train.  It has been his pleasure to return to post-apartheid South Africa and stay in the homes of his childhood Indian friends.

Pastor McLewin’s doctoral work was in biblical geography and archaeology. He has lectured on dead sea scrolls at universities and institution including Hassan the II University in Morocco and at the seminary in Beirut Lebanon. 

Dr. McLewin is married to Margaret, together they delight in their 5 children and 11 grandchildren.


Matias currently serves as the Advocacy Director for International Christian Concern where he leads the government relations efforts to mobilize the US government to address issues of persecution in countries where religious minorities are oppressed and the freedom of religion is in decline. During his tenure, he has traveled extensively including in Nigeria where he worked with government and civil society leaders to help develop sustainable conflict resolutions. He works closely with congressional offices in advising on legislation and policy related to the persecution of Christians and religious minorities as well as other aspects of international religious freedoms. He has held hundreds of meetings with government leaders, NGOs, and other pertinent stakeholders. He is passionate about working on behalf of the persecuted peoples around the world.


Harmeet Kamboj is a Sikh, South Asian American and a fellow at America Indivisible. In her role, she works with communities across the country who are impacted by racialized anti-Muslim bigotry to bolster their civic participation in local government and build neighbor-to-neighbor connections. Harmeet is also a graduate student at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. Her graduate study focuses on the intersections of interreligious engagement and political activism among bigotry-impacted communities in the United States, as well as the broader South Asian diaspora.




Dr. Mike Ghouse is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. His book, the “American Muslim Agenda” is about Muslim earning their respective space in the society. The book is available at Amazon, Xlibris, Google, Barnes and Noble, and Kindle. Mike’s mission is to open people’s hearts, minds, and souls towards each other. He believes that the ultimate purpose of humans is to live freely and be comfortable with their culture, race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and individuality. Mike is a public speaker, author, interfaith wedding officiant, a newsmaker and the executive director of the Center for Pluralism in Washington, DC. More about him in three formats at

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Union Station metro and Capitol South Metro are about 10 minutes’ walk from the United Methodist building, the building is in the corner of Maryland Ave, NE, and First Street NE – ring the doorbell. You might find parking north of 2nd street on the constitution avenue/