Quaker and a Muslim Interfaith Marriage

Dr. Mike Ghouse   May 19, 2022   Comments Off on Quaker and a Muslim Interfaith Marriage

The Wedding Ceremony took place across the pond, in the barn – the barn is about 30′ tall inside and held about 100 people. The Bride and Groom’s friends represented America and its many races and religions. Indeed, my vision for America is that we all connect and “know” each other. It is my dreamland, and during the sermon, I love to share the essence of the Bride and Groom’s faiths – and the family and friends get to learn about each other’s faith. 

Thus far, I have officiated the weddings of Atheists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Jews, Sikhs, and Muslims, and I hope to officiate Zoroastrian, Native American, Bahai, and Buddhist weddings. I can’t tell you the joy when the guests make a point to tell me that they are happy to learn about their faith. Most of what we know about the others are myths, and through the talk, I gently bust the stereotypes; the more we know in person, the fewer the biases. That is how we build a cohesive America.

I love to learn about different faiths, and I have been learning since I was a teen. Today’s wedding was between a Muslim and a Quaker, and I am close to that faith. We need to start a course 101 in religions through the Center for Pluralism, a non-profit organization. 

Virginia is gorgeous; you will love it if you go through the countryside and the Shenandoah mountains, especially on country roads. It was a 200 Miles drive to this beautiful resort in Central Virginia. The wedding took place across a pond in a barn that is 30’s tall and well organized. 

“Interfaith Marriages is dedicated to curating memorable weddings that celebrate the love shared between two partners. Mike’s process begins with a consultation where he can learn about the couple and their story, religious backgrounds, and vision for their Ceremony. He is happy to incorporate special readings, blessings, or traditions into the nuptials or create something unique. Before the wedding day, the future spouses can finalize any details they want to include in their service.” 

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