Dr. Mike Ghouse   January 11, 2021   Comments Off on EVANGELICALS BLAMED FOR TRUMP

Blaming the “Evangelicals for the rise of Trump” is pure stereotyping and is wrong.

Not all of them, as I know enough evangelicals to say that the extremists among Evangelicals are the problem. I have dealt with them over the years. I have many friends among Evangelicals who don’t like what is happening in our nation today. Pastor Mason of Wilshire Baptist Church in Lakewood Dallas had said, Mike, theologically I can agree with you more than some of my fellow evangelical pastors.”

Loot at Bob Roberts’s work, my friend, an international evangelist who leads the evangelicals to drop their biases. So are Jim Eaton and Richard Cizik in the Washington DC area. There are more good people in each group of people than those who have gone astray, believing in Money God. Let’s look at them and support them to get their message out. It is the same with Muslims; none of us should judge any group of people by the acts of a few individual extremism drivers.

Let’s counter-extremism by supporting the good majority of people in each group.

Mike Ghouse