Confident Religious Leaders

Dr. Mike Ghouse   May 1, 2022   Comments Off on Confident Religious Leaders

A genuine Religious person will talk about other faiths in the same tone and words as the believer of that faith, which means they have to learn about other religions to be qualified to talk about their faith. They may even have to discard what the representatives of that religion say and find the truth independently. The truth brings peace to you, and if it doesn’t, you have to keep digging until your bias vanishes.

A confident religious person will talk about other religions without ever hinting that his faith is a little better than the other. A religious leader has a higher degree of integrity and respects the otherness of the other religions. We call them a Pluralist.

For example, when John Esposito talks about Islam, many Muslims wish he becomes a Muslim. When some Muslim Scholars speak about Hinduism, Hindus hope that he becomes a Hindu. When Acharya Pramod Krishnam speaks about Islam, again, Muslims wish he were a Muslim. I hope to be like them and talk about all faiths with such integrity.

Mike Ghouse
Center for Pluralism