Board of Advisors of CFP

Dr. Mike Ghouse   November 4, 2021   Comments Off on Board of Advisors of CFP

Our ultimate goal is to have an advisory board representing every possible faith, race, ethnicity we can reach out to, along with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. It is to create a syncretic society.

You will be a part of the movement in shaping the future of America, where every American feels secure about his/her faith, race, ethnicity, culture, or any other uniqueness. At the center for pluralism, we see an alignment of our work with our board of advisors, bringing people together and standing up for the rights of others to create secure societies for every human being. 

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Dr. Khaled Almaeena

Dr. Khaled Almaeena is a humanitarian, a defender of workers’ rights, rights of women, a human rights activist, a veteran Saudi journalist, media commentator, a businessman, and a family man. 

Khaled was the Editor in Chief of Arab News, and later on Saudi Gazette. His oped pieces have appeared in newspapers around the globe. 

He has worked for the advancement of women and was the first employer of women in Saudi at Arab News. Later on, his daughter Lina was appointed to the Shura council in 2016.

He is a vanguard of workers’ rights and has focused on reporting and seeking justice for them. They were Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, and Muslim workers. He is known as the man behind the Green truth.

Khaled was recognized for standing up for the rights of the oppressed and projecting the true values of Islam. The Pakistani Government awarded him their highest civilian award, the Sitara-e-Imtiaz. I’m sure you remember Dilip Kumar was awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz later on. 

In the Philippines, he was honored with an Honorary Doctorate as well. 

At the center for pluralism, we see an alignment of our work, bringing people together and standing up for the rights of others to create secure societies for every human being. 

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Dr. Karen Hollie-Thibodeaux

Dr. Karen Hollie-Thibodeaux’s life has been used greatly by God:  as a pioneer when He led her to establish Grace International Seminary in 2007; and as a trailblazer when He gave her the vision to plant a church where individuals can reach their greatest potential.

Her commission from God to plant a globally diverse, celebratory church is being fulfilled.  It is a church that will empower, enlighten, and encourage the unchurched, alienated, and the lost to a life-changing new beginning through teaching, preaching, and evangelism.  Upon this premise, Lifeway Church of Dallas was founded with Dr. Hollie-Thibodeaux as the senior pastor.

Dr. Hollie-Thibodeaux is an Ambassador of Peace in 2008, with the Universal Peace Federation.  As an Ambassador of Peace, she traveled to Europe and Asia, and the Middle East regularly promoting world peace.

She serves a clinical Psychotherapist and is president of Life Change Agents Enterprises.

Fatima Argun

Fatima Argun is an international marketing, strategic planning & management expert and business development executive with developing expertise in organizational development, facilitation, and conflict management.  Her experience includes work at senior levels with organizations such as Booz Allen Hamilton, the US Department of Commerce, The US Senate Judiciary Committee, MCI WorldCom, and the World Bank. She is presently engaged as a strategy consultant, representative, educator, advocate, and fundraiser for NGOs and as an advocate to empower women through leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Fatima serves her community in a number of capacities, including as a member of the Arlington County Democratic Committee Steering Committee, and Outreach Committee Co-Chair. She was recently elected to the Lee Highway Alliance Community Advisory Council.

Ms. Argun is an MBA graduate of Johns Hopkins University. She has studied conflict management at the School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and the United States Institute of Peace. In addition, Fatima holds a Masters’s degree in Public Affairs (MPA) from the Lyndon Baines Johnson School at the University of Texas-Austin and has studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Ms. Argun is proficient in Turkish, and is conversant in French.