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Wisdom of Spiritual Masters

They say truth is liberating, indeed it is and finding the truth is one’s own responsibility.

How often have we caught ourselves in our bias towards others, be it conscious or unconscious?  Instead of dismantling it, we keep piling on more of it creating a deeper chasm between us and the others.

As a process of ‘knowing each other’ to mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill, we have added many programs to our list of established programs that serve to remove myths about others.

Under this specific program, “Wisdom of the Spiritual Masters” we will be celebrating the birth of religious and political personalities through-out the year. We will talk about their contributions in making the world a better place. It was these founders, their lives and messages, that reflected their committment to building cohesive societies.

With our limited resources, we will do our best to celebrate the most known personalities. If you know someone who can fund all the events, God willing we will do it for everyone. This was a part of our Radio show in the late nineties and we are resurrecting it now.

The following individuals have contributed significantly to make the world a better place. Depending on availability of funds and time, we will hold small gatherings to hear about them from those who have learned about them. The least we will do is write a tribute about them and share it on our website, also possibly on Huffington Post and other newspapers.

We are looking for coordinators to organize these programs, we prefer youth to manage this. At this time all work is voluntary.

As a corollary to my daughter’s words, “Gee, Dad, God can be worshiped in so many different ways.” I would say, “Gee, so many great souls have enriched the humanity in so many different ways.” The idea is to create awareness. They are fountain heads of major religions and civic movements in the world who left a deep impact on the structure of the societies for eternity.

We are an all inclusive organization, if you know some one else who should be honored we welcome your sponsorship and lead in organizing an event.

01/15 – Martin Luther King, Jr birth celebrations – Civic Leader

01/22 – Moses (Not sure about the date)

02/12 – Abraham Lincoln – Civic Leader

02/13 – Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, Monday – Ahmadiyya Muslims

02/25 – Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Saturday – Unificationist Christians

03/15 – Ron Hubbard, Wednesday, Scientology

04/05 – Lord Ram’s Birth – Ramnvami, Hinduism –

04/08 – Mahavir, Sunday – Jainism

Wisdom of Lord Mahavir – Live and Let Live

04/09 –  Imam Ali, Monday – Shia Muslims
http://centerforpluralism.com/hazrat-ali-4th-muslim-caliph/ and

05/10– Buddha, Sunday – Buddhism
07/23 – Zoroaster, Sunday – Zoroastrians
08/04 – Barack Obama – perfecting the union
08/14 – Krishna, Monday – Hinduism
09/29 –  Imam Hussain – Muslims
10/02 –  Mahatma Gandhi – Civic Leader
10/21 – Bahaullah, Saturday – Bahá’í
11/04 – Guru Nanak, Saturday – Sikhism
11/30 – Muhammad (pbuh), Thursday – All Muslims
12/13 – Aga Khan, Wednesday – Ismaili Muslims
12/17 –  Pope Frances – Catholic
12/18 – Joseph Smith, Monday – Mormon Christians
12/25 – Jesus, Monday – All Christians

1/28/2017 We started out with Prophet Muhammad’s birth Celebrations
write up: http://centerforpluralism.com/milad-prophet-muhammads-birth-celebrations/

3/15/17 Participated in the Birth Celebrations of Ron Hubbard at the National office of the Church of Scientology.

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