Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito: “You lost, Live With It.”

Sam   December 20, 2020   Comments Off on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito: “You lost, Live With It.”

By Sam Madden

This has been a mantra that we have heard again and again after the current election, after the 2016 election, and even during the time Obama was elected.

How does this statement made by people of either party bring into our society the concept of inclusiveness? (Which Judge Alito points out).

On December 10, 2020 the Center For Pluralism published on it’s website a piece by John J. Maddente addressing this same issue. Which can be found here:

On November 25, 2020 Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito spoke at the annual National Lawyers Convention. Justice Alito spoke to a number of things that Maddente referred to, (see link to video below).

He spoke of our fundamental rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and addresses how our society has turned into an “us vs them” attitude. With closed mindedness, safe spaces on college campuses, and even University Law Campuses shutting down the right to free speech and another’s point of view.

He talks about the Clinton Administration and how it wasn’t like this back then and gives a specific example.

He also talks about certain mandates on healthcare under the Affordable Care Act and the affect it has had for such charitable organizations such as the “The Little Sisters of the Poor.” Which has done a tremendous amount of good work and continues to do so with a main focus on the needs of the elderly that are poor, especially when it comes to when the elderly are approaching their end of life.

The “Little Sisters,” has a lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court sent it back down to the lower court to hopefully correct and reconsider its decision in relation to the Constitution of the United States.

Justice Alito also refers to our current crises with COVID-19 and he refers to many examples. One of the more atrocious in my opinion is when the State of Nevada allowed Casinos to open, but did not allow houses of worship to open no matter how many precautions they took, or how much they limited attendance.

To say, “You lost, live with it,” is one of the most divisive phrases one can speak.

So if we are truly going to be an inclusive nation of ideals and ideas, everyone must have a seat at the table, being treated fairly and equitably, with respect, honor and dignity.

Here is the complete Video of Justice Alito’s speech for the annual National Lawyers Convention this year. I can only hope that we are a nation of actual inclusivity. If our differences divides us, and we allow our differences to divide us, or we continue on this reckless path of “us vs them,” the United States will cease to become the Nation that our Founders envisioned.

Sam Madden is a Co-Director for the Center For Pluralism. He can be reached at [email protected]