Search For The Divinity Within

Dr. Mike Ghouse   July 24, 2021   Comments Off on Search For The Divinity Within

Author: Unknown

Sourced from: Dr. Surya

It is an old legend from our scriptures. There was a time when we human beings were gods too. But we misused our divinity for power and privilege. Seeing this, the Creator decided to take the divinity away from humans and hide it somewhere they could never find.

But the question was, “Where could divinity be hidden so that humans would never find it?” He called all the gods to help him decide where to hide divinity.

“Let’s bury it deep in the earth,” said the gods. But the Lord answered, “Humans will dig into the earth and find it.”

“Why not sink it in the deepest ocean bed, they could never find their divinity there” suggested some of the gods. But the Creator thought, “That won’t do, humans will learn to dive into any ocean and will find it.”

Then some gods suggested, “Let’s hide it on the top of the highest mountain.” The Lord replied, “Human beings will eventually climb every mountain to take back their divinity.”

The gods were at a loss. There seemed no place on earth that humans wouldn’t reach. They gave up and said, “We do not know where we can hide divinity so that humans will not reach it. After deep thought, the Lord came up with a solution. He said, “I know where we can hide human divinity. We will hide their divinity deep into the center of their own being. Humans will hunt for it on the highest mountain, in the deepest sea, in the densest forest and on the toughest road, but they will never seek their divinity inside themselves”.

The gods were very happy and agreed that there couldn’t be a more perfect hiding place for the most precious gift of God. And it was done.

Ever since, we humans have been searching relentlessly all over the earth for something that already lies within ourselves. We have explored every mountain, sea, temple, church, mosque, river, every tree and bird on earth. We even seek our divinity in the sun, the planets and the stars, but we never looked inside of ourselves.

The Divine is omnipresent and ever-present, but the only place to connect with the Divine is the core of your own being. And the way to connect with the God within yourself is through the science of atma dhyana. Wishing you a life of peace and divinity.