Pluralism News India focused 1.11.20

Dr. Mike Ghouse   January 11, 2020   Comments Off on Pluralism News India focused 1.11.20

Invitation – Holocaust commemoration and India focused events

INVITATION – 15th Annual Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides

In the last 14 years, we have covered the Holocaust and at least 2 Genocides or Massacres (In all 30) each year. We hope to talk about every possible genocide and massacre in the world in the given time. Our communities have appreciated it learning about Holocaust and Genocides, while some have complained about it for a selfish reason like what about our genocide?    I will share the full story at the event on 1/26 Sunday at 5:30 PM. Here is the press release

Standing up for Hindus is the right thing to do

I am outspoken and spoke up, “Ambassador, the Abrahamic faith group needs to include Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and other faiths as a part of the dialogue. They feel excluded, and that should not happen.” He agreed and asked Riley to make a note. Full story at

A Genocide is in making in India on Mike Pompeo’s watch

Every Indian wants the best for India while PM Modi is destroying India on all fronts, civility, social cohesion, and economy. He is hell-bent on ridding Christians and Muslims of India on the Hitlerian model.  He and his men running the current government want to get rid of Muslims and Christians from India, just as the Jews were done to by Hitler. If things are not checked, Indians will lose out big time.

Hindutva loses in US Congress

It was appalling to hear a representative of HAF, Jay Kansara, announcing in a religious freedom meeting that the Hindu American Foundation supports India Action. How can an American believe that the consent of the people does not matter?  HAF needs to take a First Amendment course to function as good American Citizens.

 This is my Pluralistic India, is this yours too?

Every Indian wants the best for India. In my pluralistic India, each one of us makes an effort to see that every Indian feels secure about his/her language, religion, culture, food, clothes, head coverings, ethnicity, race, or other uniqueness. We have practiced respecting the otherness of the other for nearly 5000 years; indeed, that is my pluralistic India. Is that yours too?