Merry Christmas | Shaping the future of America | The Book

Dr. Mike Ghouse   December 25, 2018   Comments Off on Merry Christmas | Shaping the future of America | The Book

Merry Christmas | Shaping the future of America | The Book

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Christmas Message | Interfaith and a Muslim’s Christmas

One of the most frequently used words during the Christmas season is peace. Indeed, it is a reflection of the innermost desire within each one of us, whether we are Christians or not. Christmas is an annual milestone that intensifies the desire to have peace for oneself and the world.

Christmas evokes kindness, empathy, and goodness toward fellow beings; it’s a euphoric feeling of renewal that Jesus taught to the world, it is a sense of completion one feels when he or she finds in tune with humanity. Jesus showed the way by embracing the whole humanity regardless of who they were. He is my hero, he is my mentor, and he is the first known pluralist on the earth. Christmas is a celebration of that refreshed feeling.

No matter what faith you belong, the Interfaith Christmas can offer everything you had always wanted and more: to live in peace with fellow beings without feeling apprehension, discomfort or the fear of the other.

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of a man who taught us how to build a cohesive society, which he called the kingdom of heaven. Whether we are Christians, or not, believe in God or not, means creating a community that is free from arrogance, hate, malice, prejudice, and insecurities, for firmly built with love and forgiveness, the panacea to the conflicts we face today.

I have written an article on the festival of almost all religions, and am pleased to two on Christmas in the following link

Shaping the future of America

I hope your vision for America resonates with our work. If you feel, this is what you always wanted America to be, and I welcome you to join the Center for Pluralism as a volunteer, donor (big or small), inspirer, encourager, and a writer with all your heart mind and soul. Please feel free to send me an email or call me. It is worth your while to glance at the work we have done.

Towards the end, I have included a few sample videos and profile links representing the diversity of our work. Each video has a description for you to choose what you want to watch.

Everything in life, both war and peace begin with an individual’s dream and actions, and people join in, and a movement takes place. We have accomplished an unbelievable amount of work; it is all in front of you.

Whatever we do, we do it wholeheartedly with all our heart, mind and soul.

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The Book

I have submitted the final version of the book to the published today. I thank the following friends and scholars for writing about the book.

  1. Ambassador Bob Crane, first American Muslim Ambassador.
  2. Pastor Bob Roberts, Renowned Evangelical Pastor.
  3. Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar, first Muslim woman translator & interpreter of Quran. 
  4. Rabbi Gerald Serotta, Executive Director, Interfaith Conference of Washington.
  5. Dr. Harbans Lal, Emeritus Professor, and Chairman.
  6. Dr. Frank Islam, Philanthropist, and a Scholar, Washington
  7. Dr. Tariq Cheema, Founder, World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists
  8. Dr. Zia H Shah MDChief Editor of the Muslim Times International

The publisher made corrections to several verses quoted from the Quran which were grammatically wrong, and I went thru all of them and had restored to its original. You will be surprised to know that even Muslims have misunderstood the purpose and essence of Islam, which you will witness in the book. American Islam is evolving with its own identity as it happens with all religions.

Everything you always wanted to know about American Muslims and their aspirations and dreams of being one with all is put together in this book. Updates on the book at

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