India’s Road To Fascism – OpEd

Dr. Mike Ghouse   August 31, 2019   Comments Off on India’s Road To Fascism – OpEd

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It is in an interview between Mike Ghouse and Tariq Al-Maeena

 August 15, 2019  Tariq A. Al-Maeena  3 Comments

By Tariq A. Al-Maeena

What so-called democracy in the world invades a disputed territory that has enjoyed autonomy for decades with tens of thousands of heavily armed troops, arrests local leaders, enforces a complete communication blackout and begins the process of heinously dismantling decades-old international resolutions? It is India today under the BJP government that has done exactly that.

The recent invasion of Kashmir and the abrogation of several charters of the Indian constitution spells danger to a democracy already fraught with creeping fascism, as the Hindutva saffron brigade has been encouraged to set about making the lives of India’s minorities perilous. Reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi-brigade, these Hindu extremists have gone so far as to murder people by lynching them for the crime of eating beef! In many cases, the lynching had nothing to do with the cow, but with the religion of the victim.

Along those lines, Mike Ghouse, an American-Indian and President for the Center for Pluralism pens the following:

“Violence might please a few souls as it is about getting even, and not seeking justice. We need justice and not the endless revenge cycle.

“We cannot advocate violence; it will hurt everyone. Let me be precise, only Hindus can save India. Hindus and Hinduism is not the problem, never a problem as Islam is never a problem, it’s the ISIS variety among them that is the problem, and they are known as Hindutva forces.

“However, if India and the world don’t stop this mayhem, everyone will lose out including the Hindu majority and the United States of America.

“Who does not want India to succeed? All of us want the best for India.

“Unfortunately, the Modi government’s record has been harmful to the nation. He has played with demonetization, Rafale deal, GST, and farmers with disastrous results. Now, he is playing with Kashmir.

“The dangers of the actions by the Modi government in scraping article 370 without the consent of the governed are highlighted below.

“I sincerely hope the freedom to protest, and freedom to speak will not be suspended, and neither will India follow the example of Tiananmen Square?

“Way back in the 1970s India treaded on a similar path when one-person rule destroyed the nation. American businesses were asked to leave, companies like Coke and IBM were gone, and several banks were nationalized. Modi’s government is back at it now.

“These two men, PM Modi, and his home minister Amit Shah don’t believe in dialogue to solve problems. They are appeasing their base at the cost of the long-term security of the nation. Modi’s base erroneously believes in crushing dissent and punishing the Kashmiri people.

“Shamefully, like the German people before the Holocaust, Indians will remain silent and let the genocide of Kashmiris takes place.

“If people are pushed into a corner, giving them no choice, they will resort to terrorism. If India goes on the path of Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, America’s hands will be tied for two more decades.

“It is incumbent on us to speak up and protect the rights of individuals and America’s long-term interests. Let’s not be an accomplice to the genocide about to happen.

“America stands to lose from these actions. India stood as a bulwark against China’s expansion, and a secure place for American investors, both are at risk now. I pray that the Modi government learns not to play with the people of India and does not turn India into Afghanistan.

“The following summary was put together by a human rights organization.

“Thirty-eight thousand heavily armed military officers with tanks have been brought into Kashmir in the last couple of days. Presently, Kashmir is the most militarized zone in the world: There is a one-armed Indian soldier for every 10 Kashmiris.

“Here is a summary of the actions put together by Sound Vision.

  • Modi has closed down all media in Kashmir.
  • No journalist is allowed by Modi to enter Kashmir.
  • Modi has shut down all cell phone and landline services.
  • Modi government has evacuated all tourists and Hindus.
  • Modi is changing the constitution to allow this annexation of Kashmir, which until this week, had special status.

“Kashmiri leaders are appealing to the world to stop the imminent genocide of Kashmiris. Genocide Watch in Washington, DC has already issued a genocide alert for India, the actions by the Modi government will bring disaster like the other experimentations. Sincerely, Mike Ghouse.”

Indeed, Mike, this is a matter of grave concern. Today, Gaza in Palestine has the dubious honor of being the world’s largest concentration camp with its people forced to live in an inhumane environment. But if India’s current and distorted vision for predominantly Muslim Kashmir is not reversed, I’m afraid it will soon be Kashmir who will have that honor.

This article was published at the Saudi Gazette