India and the Center for Pluralism

Dr. Mike Ghouse   November 27, 2017   Comments Off on India and the Center for Pluralism

Achche din coming to India? Zaroor Aayeinge!

Yes, happy days will return to India. I am an independent guy who supports neither Congress nor BJP, but planning to reach out to politicians, one each from BJP, Congress, BSP, and other major parties to be a part of the Center for Pluralism. Our mission would be an extension of the mission we have for America that is no Indians should live in apprehension or fear of the other. We have the programs designed to bring that cohesion through religious, social, economic and political pluralism.

People on the left and minorities are reluctant to meet with RSS guys, if our ego holds us hostage, we are passing the problem to the next generation and living through it ourselves.

India will succeed if we bring opposing people together for common goodness. Our focus would be religious freedom in the first year.  The naysayers say it won’t happen, but the optimist in me says, if we don’t try nothing will happen.

I will be going to India within the next few months and want to meet them and establish the services of Center for Pluralism in India. There are many great Indians leaders who believe in pluralism – i.e., respecting the otherness of others, two on the top of my list are: Shashi Tharoor and VP Ansari and I am sure we can gather up many more to move forward.  We have to show to fellow Indians that an inclusive society sustains the achche din we have had for generations, and the divisive society gives tension to everyone and achche din will not come.

It is time we start thinking of India as one nation, even if a segment of the population does not want to.  Indians are good people and just caught in what they want and what they get in terms of governance.  The general population is hunkering for good leadership and good pathways to walk on.

The key to the success is to bring business people into the equation and let them see that an inclusive India will bring sustainable prosperity to all. A non-discriminatory India reduces social hostilities among different Indians and nurtures good will. Deep down in the hearts, there is not an individual who does not want justice to prevail. If the business people can see the economics of pluralism, they will become the driving engine for the achche din.

For Muslims of India who differ, I will be happy to share the guidance from Quran and Prophet’s practices. We are all one family with origins in one single father and mother and the best ones among us are those who care for his creation; life and matter.

If you are interested in funding and be a part of the Institution in India, you are welcome, the only condition is you must be willing to be prejudice free. We will go through difficult exercises to make sure each member on our board is thoroughly oriented to take on the responsibility. That is someone who genuinely respects the otherness of other and accepts the God (or evolutionary) given uniqueness of each one of us.

Thanks to Frank Islam for supporting INS, a news agency committed to promoting good news out there. It is one of the best ways to combat negativism and nurture goodwill.

Shashi Tharoor and I have written many similar articles and one of them is at Huffington Post. A similar language is the product.  My slogan has been let every Indian eat, drink, wear and believe whatever he or she wants. Our former VP Dr. Ansari had delivered extraordinary speeches on pluralism.

Free will is an inalienable right of every human and we must guard the rights of every Indian and bring basic security to every Indian, it comes through education.

Here is Shashi Tharoor speech:

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