Hindu America Foundation’s petition about Bangaldeshi Genocide

Dr. Mike Ghouse   March 22, 2021   Comments Off on Hindu America Foundation’s petition about Bangaldeshi Genocide

Please note that I have signed the Hindu American Foundation’s petition to recognize the Genocides of Bangladeshis in 1971, including Hindus and Muslims. Indeed, we commemorated this about ten years ago in our annual Holocaust and Genocides program. In the last 16 years, we have recognized over 30 such genocides, and each year we will continue to remember them all. No exclusions.

Hindu American Foundation’s only purpose, it seems, is to denigrate Islam and Muslims, as the RSS in India exists because of Muslims. But to my Muslim American friends, I remind them that Islam instructs you to stand up for justice to every human being; it further says you have to speak up the truth even if it goes against you. And another verse states, don’t let your bias make you unjust towards others. Justice, equality, and human rights are the three strong pillars that Islam stands on. So, I have signed the petition as the founder of the Center for Pluralism. It is not a support for HAF but an acknowledgment of the suffering of the Bangladeshi People.

Some of my fellow Indian Americans severely criticized me for hosting the Sikh Genocide of 1984 and the Muslims’ Gujarat Massacre. Some of the Pakistani Americans treated me the same when we commemorated the Bangladeshi Genocide. Some Bangladeshis did not like our mention of how they are treating the Biharis left behind from 1971. Of course, some Jewish Americans did the same to me when we talked about the Gaza Massacre.

Our presentations are about the human suffering inflicted by fellow humans and have nothing to do with a nation or a religion.

Our organization’s (Center for Pluralism) history is laden with standing up for the human rights of all people. We have a record of standing up for Atheists, Bahai, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Wicca, Native Americans, the LGBTQ community, and the Zoroastrians.

We are also a signatory to over 100 petitions in the last year, supporting the rights of people across the world.

Mike Ghouse
Center for pluralism.