Apology to African Americans, Finally!

Dr. Mike Ghouse   March 28, 2020   Comments Off on Apology to African Americans, Finally!

Thanks to MaryAnn Williamson for leading the apology to the African Americans it was long overdue.


In 2005, the Memnosyne Foundation held a 3-day conference involving about 44 different religious traditions, including nearly 25 Native American traditions.

Towards the end of the program, as a part of the reconciliation – Becky, an Alaskan Native American, offered a sacred cloth and asked if there is anyone out there who wants to apologize for the wrongs done to Native Americans. Todd Collier, got up and walked and received the sacred cloth.

It was a very emotional moment for everyone – we all literally cried. What a relief it was. We need to do that on a national level.

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