Dr. Mike Ghouse   July 2, 2021   Comments Off on A CLIP FROM THE FILM BROKEN ARROW (1950)
Interfaith Marriage in the film Broken Arrow | Center For Pluralism

It is the story of the difficulties of integrating a white man with the Apache, as he sees the otherness of the other. Indeed, it is the struggle of all immigrants in every nation.

The peace treaties test the parties’ commitment. If it is not there, one lousy guy can mess it up, and the other can retaliate, and Sunghursh (a good Hindi word for conflict) will flare up and continues. A sincere commitment to peace brings durable peace. Of course, the United States has breached many treaties made with Native Americans. You can hear it from my friend, Peggy Larney, a native American Chief, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMXsTo4VYh8.

Here is an interfaith marriage clip between an Apache and a White man. It is another blurred romantic version of a Hindu wedding. Most traditional cultures have commonalities. The film is about a lone ranger frontier man (James Stewart) railing his life to forge peace between Arizona settlers and Cochise’s (Jeff Chandler) Apache Nation- Debra Paget is the heroine.

If you see the film, and both the parties contained such flare-ups. I wish Israel and Gaza can sincerely commit to peace and let there be freedom for the Palestinians. Displaying power is not the way to go. It does not bring peace for either one: the one who threatens and is threatened lives in eternal apprehensions.

PS: It was the language of the time – I will see this movie again; there is so much to learn, not sure if the producers intended the lessons.

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