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1. President Trump received our letter
2. Conservative and Liberals don’t have to be each other’s throats
3. Is it worth talking with the right wing extremists and radicals?

President Trump received our letter, hope it becomes a part of the State of the Union. 

It is our responsibility individually and collectively to stand up for fellow Americans when they feel insecure. If we don’t stand up for others why should anyone stand up for anyone?  Our security (Americans) hinges on the security of every American. It behooves us to work on security of others and ultimately we all would feel secure.   Last week, a Jewish Cemetery was desecrated and over 50 Jewish Community Centers received bomb threats.

The Center for Pluralism wanted to get a message out to the president to speak out against Anti-Semitism and all others ills of the society such as Islamophobia, Xenophobia, and Racism and…..
The letter was carefully crafted to be short and precise to increase the chances of reading it in less than 2 minutes and under 200 words.  The letter was delivered to the President, Vice President, and several members at CPAC meeting and most of them read standing in the hallway including Chairman of the CPAC read it.

God willing we will continue to work and see if the President can incorporate the message of cohesiveness in his state of the Union Address on 2/28.

The actual letter and details at:

Conservatives and Liberals at each other’s throats 

It’s a shame that both sides one continue to paint each other as enemies; enemies they are not! Each group talks about how bad and divisive the other is, without realizing their equal contribution to the divisiveness.  I am writing a full article on the topic and will be published at the Hill, and will share that link. It is amazing how mean we get just to prove we are right.

Is it worth talking with the right wing extremists and radicals?

Each one of us thinks differently.  We have a choice to ‘stay away from each other’ and let the ill-will, suspicion and doubts simmer to become unmanageable.  I hope if you take the time to ‘study’ the three videos and the notes below, you will change your mind about using the phrases like “right wing” “Red necks” and other epithets.  These are bad choice of words to describe fellow humans who react differently to situations.

Last week, I posted this video from a Fox News debate with Sean Hannity and Brigitte Gabriele on face book in two different places, and got shot down by my friends saying it is a waste of time to deal with the hard wired, without realizing they were as prejudiced as the ones they were accusing of.

All the three videos and anecdotes at:
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