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Some twenty years ago, I published a Newspaper in Dallas, and two pages were reserved for Festivals – invariably, there were more festivities among Hinduism than festivities of all religions combined. The same goes with Bahai faith.  Many were angry at me that I published only Hindu Festivals – and a few gossiped “see, I told you, he is a closet Hindu” and I was also told I was a “closet Jew” when I recited a Jewish prayer on Saturday in an Indian event as no Jew would attend on Sabbath ( I don’t organize any event on Saturdays before sunset) facts never mattered to them, they never looked at it, and but we covered every festival of faith.

What is Kosher and what is Halal?

This is a well-researched article on Kashrut and Halal foods, the guidelines that guide Jews and Muslims on their dietary practices.  It is very long, but those who have an interest and those who are Imams, Rabbis, Pundits, Gyanis, Shamans or clergy in any tradition, must read and disseminate to others. There is so much misunderstanding about Halal/Kosher food. Even the hate queen Pamela Geller had attacked Halal, thanks to the Rabbis for shutting her up by telling that it is a Jewish practice as well.

Islam and Judaism mirror each other

I was thrilled to read the article by Rabbi Allen S. Maller, appended below. The two traditions are indeed mirror images of each other.  I’ve written quite extensively on similarities and the Rabbi has spelled it out clearly.

Toyota’s Super Bowl Commercial needed to be more inclusive

Inclusion nurtures goodwill; exclusion pulls down the positive energy and hurts the cohesive functioning of a group or society. We should always aspire for inclusion while appreciating the step taken by Toyota.  I just signed the petition “Insensitive Toyota Commercial at Super bowl needs a remake.” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name. You can read more and sign the petition here:

 The Idea of one God 

It does not matter to me if you believe in one God, two Gods, many Gods or no God. You live your life and I live mine and how can we work, play and live as neighbors. Let God not be the villain and God should not be the reason to hurt each other. 

Good Story from Kashmir

Muslim Residents Of Kashmiri Village Adopt Four Orphaned Hindu Siblings In Accordance With Their Father’s Last Wish

Law of Karma

No one will escape this truth; it applies to individuals, communities, and nations. There is always a way out of it in this life – to repent, to forgive and to apologize. This offers two sets of answers –one is behavior modification and the other is the hope that justice will prevail. Every human seeks justice consciously or subconsciously.

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