White Supremacist Groups Unite To Fight Race War

Dr. Mike Ghouse   May 4, 2016   Comments Off on White Supremacist Groups Unite To Fight Race War

What should we do about it?

My first response when I saw this was “forgive them lord, for they know not”. That does not cut it, it has to be an action plan to lighten their burden. So much hatred for Jews? Why? What is the root cause of it? What needs to be done to mitigate this hatred for fellow beings? There is a way out, and I will have to think through this, and understand this to find a possible solution.  I know for certain, hate will multiply the problem.

You need not laugh, for some among your group are as guilty as some in other groups.   Hatred among followers of Christ towards Jews, and follower of Judaism towards Muslims, and hatred among followers of Muhammad towards Christians and Jews is all there. Hindus, Buddhists and others have their share of hatred towards the other.  It is human to hate as much as to love.

Some of us live in illusions, I am free from it, nothing will change, so let’s not do anything and let someone else worry about it.  The least you can do is think about it and at least imagine solutions. You are not safe if people around you are not.

These are our fellow humans, we have to figure out how to channel their hate and get them the freedom and peace of mind they deserve. No human has to live in hate.

I will keep mulling about it and may be hold a conference, invite them all and have them tell us why they feel that way?

So, help me God.

Mike Ghouse
Center for Pluralism
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Courtesy: http://www.vocativ.com/313543/rival-white-supremacist-groups-unite-to-fight-race-war/

In April, a coalition of white supremacists gathered to light up a cross—and plan the future of hate in America


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