Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Sam   January 24, 2020   Comments Off on Trump’s Impeachment Trial

By Sam Madden

President Trump is accused of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. If the house had a majority of Republicans would we be having a trial in the Senate right now?

I highly doubt it. That is why the Constitution needs to be changed. Congress should not have power to impeach. There is too much partisanship in play.

The Constitution needs to be changed where charges can be brought against a President, but once the charges are brought, Congress is totally left out of it and the trial needs to be done by a third party that is impartial and non-partisan. It is the only way a just result can be achieved.

The question also comes up regarding the 5th amendment of the right against self incrimination. How can Trump be charged for Obstruction of Congress, when every citizen, including the President is protected by the 5th amendment? A suspect is never charged with Obstruction of Justice because they utilized their 5th amendment rights. Or are they required to aid the prosecution in the case against them.

Now, I have heard some argue that it’s not Obstruction of Justice, it’s Obstruction of Congress. Isn’t that one in the same? Isn’t Congress seeking Justice? If they are not, then what is this all about?

Sam Madden is a representative for the Center For Pluralism. He can be reached at [email protected]