Gun toting Ministry in Waco, Texas.

Dr. Mike Ghouse   June 2, 2021   Comments Off on Gun toting Ministry in Waco, Texas.
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As a part of my work in Pluralism, I have visited Rev. Moon’s Church several times since 2005. I had breakfast with “Father and Mother Moon,” as they call them, and have attended many of their meetings for curiosity that he claims to be the Messiah.

I work with every group of people, from Atheists to Zoroastrians and everyone in between, including the Native Americans and the LGBTQ community. I thank God for blessing me with no prejudice.

Rev. Moon was a caring man. I did not see the radicalism mentioned in this article during his leadership. I am friends with many of the leaders, and I see them as good caring people,

I have seen his mass wedding ceremonies, been on his Middle East Peace Initiative, and attended several meetings. I have spoken many times, including a talk on Pluralism in Jerusalem. They have never even attempted to convert me as the legend has it.

After his death, his family split several ways, and each one of his offspring was vying for leadership. His older son and his daughter ran their own ministries. The younger Moon was radical and was trying to usurp the Church. Now, I believe Mother Moon has taken the reins of the Church, while the radicals have their own.

The Church is a lucrative business for the Radical among the Moons, and the young Moon is simply promoting his business and selling the guns.

I have attended Pastor Robert Jeffress big First Baptist Church in Dallas and Pastor Jake’s Mega-Church. All they see is Dollars on the faces of their congregants. As long as the congregants are willing to fund the lavish lifestyles of the pastors, they will continue to enjoy the patronage of the lost men and women.

It is so easy to dupe the vulnerable ones. It is like gangs. The kids who are lost are looking for a sense of community. The Iron Rod ministry offers them that refuge, and they lose their minds and become hypnotized and do whatever the man wants them to do. Ironically, they bought the land near Waco, Texas, where David Koresh ran afoul with the Federal agents.

As a society, we are responsible for building cohesive communities where everyone has to make time for the other. That is how we create safe and secure organizations.

I wrote this note to clarify and separate the two types of ministries.

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