Dr. Mike Ghouse   December 24, 2020   Comments Off on CHRISTMAS, KWANZA AND HANUKKA IS FOR ALL

You may like this video- it has a taste of a festivity from Atheists to Zoroastrians.
If you think about the essence of each festival, it is designed to bring people together to celebrate and put differences behind, it is a frequent refresher. The message of each one of the great souls like Abraham, Moses, Zarathustra, Krishna, Confucius, Rama, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, Muhammad, Guru Nanak, Baha’ullah, Joseph Smith, and several others was for people to live in harmony, it was to protect the weak and to acknowledge that we are all children of God, and thus it is our duty to care for everyone. All religions serve the same purpose – to make us better humans.

The biggest source of peace comes when we shed the arrogance and believe, feel, talk, and act equally with others. Try it, you will love the feeling.

Happy Kwanza and Happy Hanukkah.

Merry Christmas
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