Pilgrimage Visa from Pakistan to Israel

Dr. Mike Ghouse   July 12, 2018   Comments Off on Pilgrimage Visa from Pakistan to Israel

We work with International Religious freedom, a voluntary organization that works with Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom, Hon. Sam Brownback.

Here is our item on the agenda for Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Meeting with Hon. Ambassador Brownback
July 17, 2018

Subject: Freedom to practice religion and visit one’s Holy place


Pakistan’s constitution guarantees freedom of faith, and an individual is allowed to exercise his or her religion freely.

Pakistan’s Jewish population is estimated to be 800 voters.

Pakistan’s passport prohibits travel to Israel, as at one time many nations had banned their citizens from visiting South Africa, Rhodesia, and Israel.

Fishel Benkhalid, a Pakistani Jew wants to visit the holy land for pilgrimage during Passover.

Benkhalid could visit thru different means, but he wants to do it legally.

The Pakistan passport and visa require a declaration that the recipient denounces the spiritual leader of Ahmadiyya Muslims

What can the NGO’s do?

Appeal to the Government of Pakistan through a petition to allow Pilgrimage visas to Israel for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

Appeal to the Government of Pakistan to remove the visa requirement to denounce the legitimacy of the spiritual leader of Ahmadiyya Muslims.

What can the Ambassador do?

Request the Pakistani Government to issue visas to her Jewish, Christian, Muslims and Ahmadiyya Muslims to visit their respective Holy places, and to remove the declaration denouncing the spiritual leader of Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Thank you.

Mike Ghouse, President, Center for Pluralism. Washington, DC
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