Hinduism by Shashi Tharoor with Arfa Khanum

Dr. Mike Ghouse   November 6, 2019   Comments Off on Hinduism by Shashi Tharoor with Arfa Khanum

Note: You will find articles on faith and politics, however at this time, a lot more is being written about Hinduism due to the difficult phase Hinduism is going through.


Just like Hinduism, there are two Islams – one of unity, universality, and the other of divisive and exclusivity. One is intolerant of others, and the other is inclusive. Hinduism advocates that the entire world is one family – Vasudhaiva Kutumbukum, and Islam advocate that we are all from one couple made into different nations, tribes, communities, and by extension religions.

The divisive version caters to be the base instincts of humans, i.e., the animal instincts of revenge, getting even and domination. They believe their version is the only way forward, and others are not acceptable, whereas the unity version has room for diversity and acceptance of the otherness of the other.

Most Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Atheists, Native traditions, and others are believers in the Universality version of their practice.

Historically, the exclusivity kind was a small percentage of the population. That group has now become significant in numbers – and that the groups express fascist ideas are like Nazi, ISIS, KKK, Brotherhood, Hindutva, extreme Zionism (different from Zionism), and others in other groups. They believe they are superior, and all others are inferior. If they have their way, they will massacre those who differ with them.

India has been a beacon of Pluralism, and today, while listening to Shashi Tharoor in the video, it reaffirms India’s pluralistic heritage. The word Pluralism was not common fifty years ago, and it was understood as secularism, and thus, India was constitutionalized as a secular state.  Secularism is a system of governance, where religion is a personal matter and kept from public places. Pluralism is respecting the otherness of the other and accepting the genetic uniqueness of each one of us, India should have been called a pluralistic form for governance where all religions thrive.

At this point in history, India is led into the wrong direction, since Mr. Modi came to power, his ideology of exclusivity is creeping and changing the character of India. He bows to the constitution while his minions have prepared an alternate structure based on the Nazi ideology of exclusivity. Mr. Modi will continue to do the show of bowing to the Samvidhan, but when the upper house gets the majority, overnight, he will announce the change as he did with Kashmir.  But he cannot change India’s pluralistic culture of thousands of years and will eventually fail. We have seen many people come and go, including Indira Gandhi, who tried to change the nature of India but failed. Modi will fail too. Satyameva Jayate.

Hindutva will sink India both socially and economically for a few more years. His raj sounds suitable for the divisive Indians, but in the long run, neither Hindus nor anyone will be safe.  All others have to be obedient. India will be administered like communism with a lifetime Raja Saheb, and you will have no voice. You won’t be able to stop corruption, you won’t be able to speak against injustice, women will be subjugated to Manu Smriti, and God only has to save Dalits.

We need to separate Hinduism and Hindutva, Shashi Tharoor has made that distinction well. Indeed, I have made a serious attempt in my book American Muslim Agenda to separate the two Islams. Both of us want to preserve the pristine faith from getting stains.

Shashi Tharoor’s latest book is “The Hindu way.”  His famous book is “Why I am Hindu.” My book is American Muslim Agenda.  All are available at Amazon.

The following video is in the Hindi language, and the interview was conducted by India’s star journalist Arfa Khanum with the Wire. It was a joy for me, as he is one of the Indians who has understood Pluralism and has articulated well. Those who are familiar with my work can see the similarities in the language.

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