Dr. Mike Ghouse   March 5, 2021   Comments Off on **BJP IS COMING TO ITS TAIL END**

It is an excellent article to read. No one who has wronged his/her people is remembered affectionately; he/she becomes trash of history.

It is time to dethrone the King of all Kings and lifetime president Modi to be stripped. All he has done is made promises with nothing delivered. What have his supporters gained? Nothing! People like Hitler, Milosovic, Idi Amin, Trump, and now Modi will be reviled for centuries to come. It is time we call what is wrong is terrible and what is right is good.

I wish we work on having our fellow Indians who support Modi realize what they have gained? Making life difficult for average Hindus, Sikhs, Dalits, Christians, and Muslims does not give them food, job, clothes, or shelter other than the idiotic feeling of false victory. We all should demand from our leaders to provide the basics, not rhetoric.

Unfortunately, there is no other national leader in India who can lie through his/her teeth as Modi does (if someone needs a list, I will be happy to produce one). We need speakers who can make the crowds go crazy and chant, “No more promises, No more Modi, No more non-sense about Pakistani or Khalistani.” Shashi Tharoor has the capacity, but Sonia Gandhi is the hurdle; she needs to resign and go live in an ashram.

We need a leader who can get people to support him/her for the good of India passionately. No more promises, but deliver health care, jobs, and social harmony – all other things will fall in place.

Good article, worth reading – https://bdc-tv.com/the-bharatiya-janata-party-is-now-in-its-end-stages/

Everyone who has Indian blood running in him loves his motherland and wants the best for “all” her people.

Mike Ghouse