Myths about Muslims and Hindus – A developing list

Dr. Mike Ghouse   August 27, 2018   Comments Off on Myths about Muslims and Hindus – A developing list

We will be updating the list for the next few weeks, then sort them out and categorize them to avoid repetition.

Busting Myths about Hindus & Muslims for peace, profit, and productivity.

When you work with people of different faiths, ethnicities, cultures, and races, you are bound to encounter conflicts; both real and perceived. The battles may be overt or subtle, but they cause tensions and start pitting one against the other. They get entangled in these gratuitous battles instead of enjoying their lives and being productive to the company, government or the community they serve.

Our goal at the Center for Pluralism is to bust the myths and pave the way for tension-free living and work environment. We hope you walk out of the seminar respecting the otherness of other and accepting the God given the uniqueness of each other resulting in fewer conflicts and plenty of goodwill, peace, and harmony, and above all else, free yourselves to enjoy your time with your family.

The myths and stereotyping have persisted because very few have done anything to change it.

I am one of the guys with whom people of all faiths from Atheism to Zoroastrianism and everyone in between confides, and I will keep that confidential, but I feel their anger, anguish, and pain when they say ugly things about the others. This seminar is an effort to bring sanity, peace, and profitability to such individuals.

Here is the list in progress, and will add them all to make a comprehensive list and then classify them into categories to address. The next round is myths about all religions and tackling them in November over dinner. If each one of has got some of this crap, how can they effectively work together, and enjoy the life with so much suspicion?
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We will collect all the items as they come, and then fine-tune them into 50 items to deal with.

We will add everything people have on their minds

1. Muslim can’t be believed. Unreliable. Backstabbers.
2. Muslim Men in India marry more than 1 woman
3. Muslims are rapidly increasing in population over Hindus in India
4. Violent n brutal, savage-like or Kasai ki jaat
5. Orthodox especially regarding women marriage at puberty
6. dress code n caps to show identity n difference
7. Polygamy, age difference, no family planning
8. No reformation is possible
9. Muslims kill anyone to please Allah to go to Heaven.
10. Muslims are loyal to Pakistan
11. Subjugate their wives
12. Want to have sharia law
13. Kill kafirs
14. They Pray five times a day and talk about Killing Hindus
15. They don’t accept anyone but Allah, the Moon God

We will add everything people have on their minds

1. Hindus set their women on fire if they don’t get the dowry
2. Hindus beat their women to death
3. Hindus will kill anyone to please Cow God
4. They draw the lines for women not to cross
5. Killing female babies before birth are rampant
6. Trust the snake not the Brahman
7. They don’t value humans over cow
8. Untrustworthy
9. Wives are servants
10. They are all vegetarian
11. Drink cow urine
12. They have countless gods and idol worshipper
13. Observe caste system, no respect for low caste
14. They don’t let low caste enter the Temples
15. Do Hindus divorce or in case of the death of a spouse, they remarry
16. Hindus mistreat and humiliate widows

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