Who put hate in my Sunday Paper?

Dr. Mike Ghouse   October 1, 2008   Comments Off on Who put hate in my Sunday Paper?

Who put hate in my Sunday Paper?

The majority of Americans and Israelis are being duped by the Neocons. This group is bent on creating chaos and have consistently messed up peace in the Middle East and elsewhere. Imagine the world without them? They buy our Congressman and Senators and of course, like the obedient dogs, they sing the songs of the hand that feeds them, rather than looking at the genuine interests of America and Israel. Peace is not in their interests, peace does not give them a nice chunk of money, chaos does. We need to ask this group to take a vacation and see how much better the world would be without them, if we can pull some money and feed these rascals on their vacation, they will be happy and the world would be peaceful.

Their actions, rather pretensions to protect Israel and America’s interest have hurt both the nations. Frightening and threatening others does not bring peace or security but a constant threat. It is time for the majority of the people of America and Israel to understand that they the Neocons are the cause of chaos and insecurity. Imagine the world without them.

Has anything good ever come out of these people? It is time for them to take a back seat and let peace and prosperity prevail. If Daniel Pipes can work for peace he will be very successful, as he is successful in creating hate, chaos and a disturbance in the society. May God give him sense to work for peace and security of America and Israel.

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Mike Ghouse

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