Trump’s United Nations Vote is a Strategy

Dr. Mike Ghouse   December 23, 2017   Comments Off on Trump’s United Nations Vote is a Strategy

Trump and Nikki Haley know that demanding vote from the community of nations for Jerusalem is pure stupidity. Trump also knows that he can buy more time and feel secure by throwing red meat to his base. The base has nothing to gain but they will stand by their man, they are good loyal humans who are taken for a ride by Trump.

Nasty calls

Thanks to Rabbis and many of my Jewish friends for appreciating the article and I forgive the nasty callers from among Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Christians who could not swallow pluralistic solutions to the issue. I urge them to read it again and look at the long term picture.

The following video is about recognizing Israel and Palestine; it was made in 2015 and just released, you can hear new paradigms and new solutions to the conflict.:

Mike Ghouse – and Center for Pluralism.

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