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Israel Palestine Conflict

Paper on Israel Palestine Conflict The following papers were presented to Ambassador Brownback; Securing Safe Zones for Refugees, Religious freedom and prosperity of a nation, State Departments’ visitors’ program, Religious… Read more »

Poisoning your Children

The following essay presents the gross mistakes some of our parents have made in raising us, and how we continue to replicate them. The next article would offer suggestions on… Read more »

Dialogue with your neighbor – Hindu tradition at Chinmaya Mission

Dialogue with your neighbor at Chinmaya Mission Hinduism and Islam are among the most misunderstood religions. People have fabricated myths about them, and it has never occurred to some of… Read more »

Miracles or Metaphors?

Most people believe that parting of the Red Sea by Moses was real,  Jesus walked on water, Muhammad flew on the unicorn, Hanuman carried the mountain, a stream starts flowing… Read more »