Recommendations to the International Religious Freedom Caucus

Dr. Mike Ghouse   March 3, 2018   Comments Off on Recommendations to the International Religious Freedom Caucus
As an American of Indian origin, I am concerned about the future of Democracy in India, and how it affects us, the Americans. I am pleased to submit the following with concrete solutions.
Governor Sam Brownback, our new Ambassador for religious freedom said it well at the reception held in his honor last week at the US Institute of Peace. If religious freedom is denied to a people, they will bear it to a point, when they have no way out,  they would become resentful and revengeful resulting in unmanageable civil strife. As Martin Luther King said, injustice to one is injustice to all.
India proved to the world that she can manage freedom and certainly established a pluralistic democracy based on humanistic values, patterned after the US constitution by Dr. Ambedkar.  That stability and rule of law attracted investments that benefited Indians as well as the investors from across the world including the United States. India’s GDP and per capita income rose continually.
The success of a nation rests on its two solid feet – the economy and a cohesive society, an imbalance in one would mess up both in the long haul and the entire nation would reel in the downward spiral.  At the end, not only Indians but the investors will also lose out.  Who would want to invest in a country that practices discrimination, harassment, and lynching against its minorities? Who wants to risk operating in such a chaotic environment? Rule of Law and stable societies are the attractants for investors, both are in peril in India at this time.
The Government of India is not doing it, but their silence is contributing towards the chaos. First, the British kept their control by pitting one Indian against the other, and now the current leadership is repeating that formula.   I hope it does not come to the point where we the American have another Afghanistan on your hands, this time it would be Hindu Talibans.
1.    We urge the US Congress to use its leverage with the Government of India to issue visas to the commissioners of USCRIF – to investigate and report the issues and solutions.
2.    We urge the Hindu organizations in America to step up and use their influence with the current Indian Government to issue statements like;
a.    It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that freedom of Individuals is protected under the constitution and those who harass fellow Indians will be punished.
b.    We declare that every Indian is free to breathe, eat, drink, wear and believe whatever he or she is comfortable with.  We will not tolerate anyone to violate these rights of the individuals.
c.    That we the people of all faiths from Atheist to Zoroastrians will stand solidly with the people of India and expect everyone is treated with dignity.
We will urge the moderate Hindus to take back their faith of 5000 years with deep roots in pluralism.  We have also asked and continue to ask the Hindu organizations to issue a statement, and hope they would., and after I hear from the Congressman, I will enlist support from other Hindu Organizations.  A positive message to India would help build positive energy.
Together we have to protect democracies around the world. America is a shining example to the world that Democracy works, it brings stability and prosperity whereas fascism destroys everyone in the process.
The Center for Pluralism is committed to building cohesive societies where individuals can live out their lives in the pursuit of their happiness and without apprehension or fear of the fellow humans.

Thank you

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