Message from Trump to Modi

Dr. Mike Ghouse   September 10, 2019   Comments Off on Message from Trump to Modi

Please read the contents, and If you agree with the appeal, please send the name of your organization, website and your name to This particular appeal has been delivered to Amb Brownback in private as well as in the Public.

Request a Message from Trump Administration to Modi  


  • Hon. President of The United States, Donald Trump
  • Hon. Secretary of the State, Mike Pompeo
  • Hon. Secretary of the Justice, William Barr
  • Hon. Secretary of the Defense, Mark Esper
  • Hon. Ambassador for Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback

Dear President Trump,

We urge you to ask Hon. Prime Minister Modi to lift the communications blockade in Kashmir, restore freedom, and ensure the rule of law in place. Here are a few points to consider;

  1. Kashmir is a flashpoint of Indo-Pakistan conflict, and it is a ticking time bomb. Should a nuclear exchange over this land occur, it will result in millions of casualties.
  2. Prime Minister Modi’s actions in Kashmir can unleash a genocide of the Christians, Muslims, Dalits, Sikhs and others, and further lead to a significant setback to American economic and security interests in South Asia.
  3. Seven Million people are living in a prison-like environment in Kashmir since August 5, 2019, it’s been more than a month now, and there are no signs of relenting. The complete blockade of communications has made life unbearable to the people, and they cannot purchase food, medicine, or even know what is happening to their relatives. This blockade needs to go.
  4. The Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits, and others are patiently enduring lynching, beating, raping, and endless harassment. If there is no solution offered to their sufferings, it may lead to chaos and genocide, which may cause us to intervene and stay there until the situation stabilizes.
  5. Modi can speak up and assure the distressed people that the miscreants will not go scot-free and will be punished. He has to ensure further that every Indian will be treated as an equal citizen and pursue his/her life, liberty, and happiness.
  6. We urge you to ask Prime Minister Modi, to allow the Commissioners of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to visit Kashmir and Assam and enable them to report the facts on the ground.
  7. India is a bulwark for us against Chinese expansionism. It needs peace and stability to remain healthy, not social unrest.

Your message will carry enormous weight with the Government of India, with an additional dispatch from the Department of State and Ambassador Brownback to this effect will keep our allies, India and Pakistan from moving towards disaster.

Ambassador Brownback has reiterated that if people are free from fear, they can focus on nation-building, and everyone will prosper. Religious freedom in the United States is a compelling reason for our prosperity; the World can learn from our experience.

Your timely statement will do miracles. The World would appreciate you and your administration for stopping possible genocide of Uyghur, Kashmiri, and Indians before it begins. Your message will help promote and restore India’s democracy and freedoms.

# # #

Initiated by the

Center for Pluralism, Washington, DC
Mike Ghouse (214) 325-1916,

NGO’s supporting the appeal.

  1. International Christian Concern – Matias Perttula
  2. United Sikhs – Pawan Kang
  3. US India Policy Institute – Dr. Hyder Khan
  4. American Indian Muslims – Kaleem Kawaja
  5. Islamic Society of North America – Dr. Sayyid Sayeed
  6. Indian American Muslim Council – Mohammad Jawad
  7. Muslim Philanthropy – Rasheed Ahmed



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