Hindu Muslim Dialogue Society

Dr. Mike Ghouse   October 17, 2019   Comments Off on Hindu Muslim Dialogue Society

We have several Jewish-Muslim groups, Christian-Muslim groups, Sikh-Hindu groups, but not many Hindu-Muslim groups. Most of the conflicts are within these groups and not the smaller groups.  There are many among us who do not see eye to eye. We need to rise above the pettiness of the politics and start meeting and enjoying each other’s company as we had in India a decade ago.  Shame on the Muslims and Hindus who do not know about each other’s traditions first hand, and whatever the hell they know is from the wrong sources. What a bad foundation of knowledge!

We live in a country that is for the brave and the free – relatively free from ill-will, prejudices, and hatred of each other. Live your life freely. What you say to your friends should be the same as what you say in the public.


Mission: To demystify the myths about each other’s faith.

Vision: To see Hindus and Muslims accept each other as fellow humans, and learn to respect the otherness of the other. As Americans, we should live freely and get rid of our biases.

Difficult dialogues, positive goals.

No membership, just free to join an un-join. You can create your own groups.

Raising Children – Parents poison their children against each other; when the kids grow up, they have to work with the very people they were told to stay away from. At work, they are working with distrust and sometimes ill will with others. Even Indian and Pakistani Parents poison their children against each other. We should not dump our problems on our children, they are American, and they don’t give a flip about India or Pakistan or other biases. We need to raise our children to enjoy life with fellow Americans.

Public Office – If you want your kids to run for Public office, raise them to earn the votes from everyone. Don’t screw up their lives with your hatred for the other. It is not worth it.

Dialogue rules will be developed by the consent of the members. There will be an equal number of Hindus and Muslims in each group.

Form your own group

Despite disagreements, we should focus on cohesiveness.

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