Congratulations to the People of France

Dr. Mike Ghouse   May 8, 2017   Comments Off on Congratulations to the People of France

How do French elections affect the world? It is easy to understand if you remember what the Yellow fever, Zika virus, Ebola virus, Avian influenza, Swine flu, the mad Cow disease and the traditional plague has done to mankind. These diseases are not limited to one nation but spread like wild fires and affect everyone and take down everyone.

Today’s victory of the moderate Emmanuel Macron in France gives tremendous hope to mankind. The French people rejected the extremist Le Pen in the hotly contested election and gave Emmanuel Macron the needed majority.

There is another societal disease called communism, which is dying down, but a new virus has emerged. The political right is the latest ugliest deadly disease – these guys are hell bent on making life difficult for everyone.

These men and women are incapable of carrying a discussion or a dialogue and resort to the animal instinct of resolving the conflicts with fellow humans by bombing, annihilating, deporting and tightening the noose around you, in the name of liberty, what a shame! The political right gangs are constantly harassing others instead of minding their own goddamned business and letting others mind theirs.

Last month, Netherlands did pave the way towards good governance; they got rid of their extremist Geert Wilders winning the elections. I hope in the next three years this trend will pick up in the US, India, Israel and UK and people can breathe fresh air and live in peace.

Thanks to the good energy out there permeating and protecting the humankind. The moderates have a greater responsibility to restore common sense.

Mike Ghouse

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